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    Electromechanical Cylinders

    Electromechanical Cylinders

    Electromechanical cylinders or electric cylinders are an alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and are used as a high-performance product. This product is similar to pneumatic cylinders in external geometry and working principle, but electric cylinders are used in more versatile applications.

    Operating Technology

    The rotational movement of the servo motor to which the cylinder is connected is converted into linear motion with the help of screw shaft and nut inside. With the back and forth movement of the piston, the existing torque is transferred with high efficiency. Both the nut and the ball screw are guided in the housing and any bending problem is prevented.


    • Electromechanical cylinders provide higher performance compared to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.
    • It is resistant to chemicals and has excellent impermeability against dirt and water coming from outside.
    • It provides long-lasting use even in harsh industrial conditions.
    • It provides significant cost savings compared to pneumatic systems.
    • Thanks to grease lubrication, electromechanical cylinders require only minimal maintenance at long intervals. An optional centralized lubrication system reduces downtime.
    • It has an intelligent and freely programmable drive system. Due to its combination with servo drive, precise control of speed, position and force is provided. 
    • It is very advantageous in terms of controllability.

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