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    Modular Aircraft Hydraulic Test Unit

    Modular Aircraft Hydraulic Test Unit

    The modular aircraft hydraulic test unit is developed to test the hydraulic equipment on aircrafts (including choppers) and to drive this equipment from outside and on ground. It provides the opportunity to test up to 4000 PSI and 20 GPM and it can perform tests with both the aircraft tank and its own tank.

    There are 4 hydraulic blocks in the test unit. These blocks provide control of the pressurized oil in the system. The control of the pressurized oil is provided by the flow control, pressure control and directional control valves in these blocks.

    Length    3051 mm
    Width  1900 mm
    Height  1953 mm
    Technical Properties
    Weight 1550 kg (approximately)
    Hydraulic unit capacity 160 lt
    Hydraulic hose lengths 8 m
    Power cord length 30 m
    Operating voltage 380V/440V AC (50-60 Hz)

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