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    ZETH 220

    ZETH 220

    ZETH 220 Cast Polishing Machine is based on the principle of sliding the special wear putty of the hydraulic system over the surfaces of the cast that needs to be polished automatically.

    It is a hydraulic system-driven machine designed for high extrusion performance. 

    Pressure and speed control bear importance in terms of cast polish and cleanliness and varies based on cast dimensions.

    The most important aspect of the system is the fact that it is able to provide polishing by reaching high friction coefficients even on the tight surface of the cast.

    Some of the most prominent advantages of this machine are:

    • Its capability to provide high surface brightness in a repeatable way
    • The fact that it is easy to maintain
    • Its safety precautions for employees
    • The high surface quality it provides, compared to the manual rubbing polishing system, due to high processing speed 

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