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    The Stewart Platform

    The Stewart Platform

    The Stewart Platform is a special test platform developed for testing marine systems. 

    Stewart platforms, a type of parallel robot, can be used as damping platforms to simulate a 6-axis motion or to make systems independent from disruptive movements in 6 axes. This special test platform provides developers with safe, fast and repeatable solutions for testing hardware, software and structural performance of 6-axis motion simulation systems, that is, system-wide validation tests.

    We can perform system verification tests and controller performance tests with a hydraulically driven high load capacity Stewart Platform that we have developed for the evaluation of software and controller performances of cranes and similar systems with vertical balancing and motion damping capabilities.


    • Special infrastructure with 6 degrees of freedom allowing simulation of different marine spectra
    • Simulation possibility at scale
    • Hydraulic servo cylinder supported drive system
    • Mechanical infrastructure that is resistant to high loads
    • Flexible software which is suitable for different needs

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