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    Hydromechanical Systems

    Hydraulic Power Units

    Mers Technology can produce hydraulic power having various pressure and flow rate, reservoir capacity, material and fluid compatibilities.

    Hydraulic Rotary Actuator

    Hydraulic rotary actuators are actuators that achieve high torque output by rotating the shaft in certain angles, which is moved by the evolvent system from the outside and the piston from the inside with the hydraulic fluid linearly.

    Hydraulic Valve Stands

    Hydraulic valve stands are hydraulic units in which very dense block and pipe connections are used.

    Hydraulic Accumulator Stands

    Hydraulic accumulator is the circuit element of the hydraulic systems that collect the pressure and release such pressure into the system rapidly when needed.

    Hydraulic Cylinders

    Hydraulic cylinders are the circuit elements that turn hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, thus creating linear movement and force.

    Control Blocks

    Input-output directions, coating quality, cavity quality in control blocks are important to obtain a quality product. It is important in terms of cost to design the desired block circuit diagram in the smallest possible volume in blocks.

    Mobile Filter Systems

    Cleaning the oil in hydraulic units can be done by passing the oil through the mobile filter system. It can also be used for filling and discharging oil into tanks and to transport oil from one place to another.

    Hydraulic Pump Test Systems

    Our pump test station can perform pre-maintenance or post-maintenance performance tests of hydraulic pumps of all sizes and models up to 110 kW, 1000 rpm capacity motor drive and 355 cc pump capacity.

    Hydraulic Valve Test Systems

    Hydraulic valve test systems are suitable for hydraulic directional valves from NG6 to NG32 and pressure relief valves from NG6 to NG 30.

    Modular Aircraft Hydraulic Test Unit

    The modular aircraft hydraulic test unit is developed to test the hydraulic equipment on aircrafts (including choppers) and to drive this equipment from outside and on ground.

    The Stewart Platform

    The Stewart Platform is a special test platform developed for testing marine systems. Stewart platforms, a type of parallel robot, can be used as damping platforms to simulate a 6-axis motion or to make systems independent from disruptive movements in 6 axes.


    Flush Plus, the “flushing” machine that significantly prevents malfunctions for hydraulic systems is produced with the manufacturing, installation and service experience in industrial hydraulics.

    ZETH 220

    ZETH 220 Cast Polishing Machine is based on the principle of sliding the special wear putty of the hydraulic system over the surfaces of the cast that needs to be polished automatically.

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