Nordstern Park 23 D-52134 Herzogenrath - Deutschland

    General Manager

    General Manager

    Our world is developing continuously in the cultural, social and technological sense. As Mers Technology GmbH, we are in the Technology-Industrial field as our line of business. Together with Mers Technology GmbH, we want to be beneficial first to our closest environment and then to more distant environments, never forgetting the value of human-nature. This will be one of our top priorities. Our aim will always be to add value to every environment we are in and to develop good relations.

    No matter how difficult the work we do personally, we will work without losing our smiling face and humor. I promise on behalf of my entire team that we will always be smiling towards people and nature while working in a highly disciplined and systematic manner and we will carry a clean spirit.

    Greetings to the entire industry community on behalf of good collaborations and pleasant work.

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