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    Hydraulic Cylinders

    Hydraulic Cylinders

    Hydraulic cylinders are circuit elements that create linear motion and force by converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.

    The design of hydraulic cylinders is affected by parameters such as working conditions, working pressure, working speed, working angle, stroke, valve types used in the system, load, (forces on cylinder and directions of force), etc. These parameters are meticulously considered by our expert engineers in cylinder design. In line with these parameters, the necessary theoretical calculations for the design are made and the design is obtained.

    After the cylinder manufacturing process, it is tested at 1.5 times the working pressure and delivered to the end user.

    Mers Technology GmbH provides corporate service with its personnel trained in all units of the parent company (Hktm) in the whole process until the delivery to the end user without compromising on basic principles such as;

    • correct communication,
    • quick response,
    • precision in design and manufacturing,
    • work quality,
    • robustness,

    High quality product selection is ensured in the felt, pipe and shaft materials used. In particular, it is aimed to create a safe manufacturing product by providing standardization and quality control in such semi-finished materials.

    Induction CK 45 or CK45 & 20MnV6 or 42CrMo4 tempered steel can be used on the chrome-plated shaft, depending on the operating condition of the cylinder. In addition, AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 420, AISI 431 stainless materials are also used in the shaft material, depending on the application.

    For the honed pipe, the pipe conforming to EN 10305-1 and DIN 2391-1 norms is selected. In addition, a special seal design is meticulously created according to the type of oil to be used (HL-HLP, HFC, HFD-R and water-glycoyl mixed oils with various emission rates).

    Surface roughness is of great importance in order to increase the service life of the seals moving on the oil film and to provide the necessary service conditions. In the honed pipe, radial size pipes with surface roughness of Ra ≤ 0.5 and H8 tolerance are used. In the cylinder shaft, the sensitivities given in the table below are complied with.

    Material Coating Thickness Hardness (HRC) Surface Roughness (Ra) Measure Precision     ISO 286-2 Level 1m Roundness            Salt Spray          ASTM B117 - ISO 9227
    Shaft 20-30 µm 63-68 0,10-0,25µm f7 0,3mm 1/2 100-200 h

    Our company has set itself the goal of achieving the highest standard and quality at every stage of the machining process in the cylinders it delivers to its customers.

    * Mers Technology GmbH can also provide the necessary service support for the cylinders it delivers to its customers, if needed.

    * We produce cylinders in all kinds of diameters, strokes and pressures in accordance with ISO 6020-1, ISO 6020-2 and ISO 6022 norms and special standards.

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