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    Group Companies

    Group Companies

    HKTM is the parent company of HKTM Group and it has been operating since 1998 and implementing projects especially in the fields of hydromechanics, mechanical automation, robotics, control systems, and linear motion systems.

    HKSM is a service and assembly company operating since 2014. It carries out its works focusing on customer satisfaction with 24/7 service, quality of work and product guarantee.

    MET Didactic is one of the group companies of HKTM Group that produces training sets and provides industry oriented vocational and technical trainings. It was established in 1992 and joined HKTM Group with its new name MET Didactic in 2020.

    SFM produces steel pedestals for engineering in machine manufacturing processes and it has been operating since 2022. The company manufactures machine chassis, hydraulic tanks, valve stands, nitrogen stands, steel covers for mobile vehicles and constructs kinetic structures.

    Makers is a company that was established in 2022 and produces in white appliances, glass, automotive and general industry sectors. We carry out projects covering all processes starting from design, projecting, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

    Lenta Marine, who joined HKTM Group in 2022, produces engineering solutions in materials science, mechanical design, and electronic system design with its environment-friendly products and human-oriented approach in the underwater and maritime sector.

    Acd Bilgi İşlem is an R&D company established in 2004 and became a member of HKTM Group in 2022. It provides software, electronics, project development, information processing support services and project consulting services and runs projects on Robotic Systems, Indoor Positioning Systems, Automated Guided Vehicles and Production Management Systems.

    Inovasyon Muhendislik was established in 2010 and joined HKTM Group in 2022. Company conducts R&D projects on indoor and outdoor positioning systems, intelligent vehicles, robotics and machine learning.

    TEM is founded in 2023 and it provides energy engineering solutions. The company concentrates on green energy instruments in industry by creating energy management policies, installing solar power plants and energy plants, offering renewable energy alternatives.

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