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    Flushing and Pickling Services

    Flushing and Pickling Services

    Flushing: It is the cleaning procedure performed by creating a turbulent oil flow to clean the inside of pipes after prefabrication and installation are complete.

    Flow rate and pressure necessary for creating a turbulent flow are calculated based on the pipe diameter and the length of line. Loops are created in a way to avoid any loss of diameter and the flushing procedure is started.

    Online measurement report is obtained by means of connection from minimess couplings attached on the line, flushing oil in the system is discharged with the help of nitrogen gas and after reaching to the desired values, the lines are ready to use.

    Necessary equipment for flushing operations:

    • Flushing unit 
    • Filters (3,6,10,20 microns)
    • Collectors
    • Hydraulic hoses for loop
    • Online particle measurement device

    Duration of the flushing procedure varies based on the length of line and the amount of particles in the system.

    In case of selecting the proper capacity for the unit, performing correct looping and dividing the length of line into a couple of sections, durations can be taken under control. Otherwise, the flushing procedure can take longer to such an unpredictable extent and it may not be possible to have results.

    Pickling: The purpose of pickling (acidification) is to remove burrs, welding pieces, rust etc. inside pipes.

    The procedure is comprised of three phases:

    • The procedure of cleaning up with acid is performed by using Picklane T60. 
    • The neutralization procedure is performed by using Passive T70. 
    • The procedure of forming a film layer by using Hydraulic Oil
    • Following the completion of the two procedures above, the hydraulic oil is circulated through the system to form an oil film in the interior surface of pipe, which is followed by the flushing procedure. 
    • Necessary equipment for pickling operations:
    • 3 pcs of PVC tanks for Acid, Water and Neutralization liquid,
    • Acid Pump
    • Heater 
    • PH indicator

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