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    Piping and Assembly Services

    Piping and Assembly Services

    Three main types of pipe joining techniques are used in pipeline installation. These are:

    • Walform Applications
    • Flare Flange Technology
    • Welded Manufacturing

    There are situations where these methods are more advantageous and disadvantageous than each other. The appropriate method is preferred depending on the fluid that will circulate in the pipeline, the process, the diameters of the pipelines, the current state of the route, the connection and the frequency of the connection elements.

    Once the appropriate method has been determined and after the optimum system design is made, the machines and equipment to be used with the products are selected, the team is formed and the installation is made according to these data.

    We provide machine disassembly and installation and commissioning services at the specified new location, as well as carrying out industrial facility relocation processes.

    We can meet the required logistics, mechanical assembly, electrical cable and panel assemblies, installation assemblies, automation works according to the project needs.

    We perform plant and machinery disassembly, assembly, testing and commissioning on a turnkey basis, especially in the iron and steel, petrochemical, white goods, automotive and marine industries.

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