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    Hydraulic Pump Test Systems

    Hydraulic Pump Test Systems

    Our pump test station can perform pre-maintenance or post-maintenance performance tests of hydraulic pumps of all sizes and models up to 110 kW, 1000 rpm capacity motor drive and 355 cc pump capacity.

    The values to be measured during the test of the pumps are as follows:

    Absorbed power kW
    Current information  Ampere
    Torque info Nm
    Revolution rpm
    Pressure line flow lt/min
    Flow rate of leakage line lt/min
    Pressure line pressure value bar
    Pilot line bar


    The time interval for taking pressure, temperature, power etc. values will be 1 second.

    Graphs will be P, Q, L, t graphs. We can make the trading period by creating 10 units horizontally and 7 units vertically. Graphic options can be evaluated separately at the end of the project

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