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    Trainings Sets

    Trainings Sets

    As we are implementing “turnkey” projects designed entirely according to our customers’ needs, we provide the necessary trainings as well.


    Hydraulic-Electrohydraulic Training Set 

    • 121O mm (L), 800 mm (W), 1850 mm (H) 
    • 90x90 mm main column dimensions 
    • Anodized aluminum with modular structure 
    • Impact-resistant laminate table 
    • Lockable wheel 
    • Move and fasten feature 
    • Ease of use single or double-sided 
    • Drawer cabinet made of sheet metal material 
    • 3 lockable and replaceable drawers 
    • The training set as a whole (including the training desk, control panel, and all components) has a CE certificate. 

    Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

    Technological developments have led to an increase in the features expected from the employees and the diversity of the features. For this purpose, we are proud of breaking new ground with our expert employees and nearly 30 years of corporate experience.

    With the flexible manufacturing system, a tiny model of a factory has been made. It has been meticulously designed by our design team and produced with domestic facilities.

    The set consists of 8 modules, 1 of which is optional.

    * Please contact us for Machine-Mechanical, Mechatronics and other special training sets.


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