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    Flush Plus, the “flushing” machine that significantly prevents malfunctions for hydraulic systems is produced with the manufacturing, installation and service experience in industrial hydraulics.

    96% of the time the pollution in the pipeline in which the hydraulic fluid circulates is the cause of the malfunctions in hydraulic systems.


    • Flush+ provides ease of use and maintenance.
    • It is compatible with all kinds of difficult field conditions as well as rough environmental conditions. It is resistant to climatic conditions.
    • Allows the flow rate to be adjusted.
    • Provides variable filtration level and easy replacement.
    Lenght                3051 mm
    Width                1900 mm
    Height                 1953 mm
    Technical Properties
    Total weight 8000 kg (when it is not filled with oil)
    Pump capacity 1000 lt/min (can be increased up to 1500 lt/min)
    Filter capacity Triple series filter (1- 20 microns, 2- 10 microns, 3- 3 or 5 microns)
    Pressure port DN100 (4 outlets)
    Return port DN125 (6 outlets)
    Tank capacity 3000 lt
    Maximum flushing pressure 40 bar
    Maximum heating capacity 9 kW
    System installed power 77 kW (3x22 kW + 11 kW)
    Operator voltage 400 V 50 Hz

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