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    Hydraulic Valve Test Systems

    Hydraulic Valve Test Systems

    Hydraulic valve test systems are suitable for hydraulic directional valves from NG6 to NG32 and pressure relief valves from NG6 to NG 30.

    There is an electrical panel and a power panel on the hydraulic valve test stand. There are panel-shaped pressure gauges and 3 flowmeter gauges on the stand. There is also a manometer with 2 minimes connection and hose. Pressure measurements needed during the test are made with these manometers.

    There is one hydraulic cylinder mounted on the stand. The dimensions of this cylinder can be adjusted according to preference.

    Working pressure 250 bar
    Valve voltages  24V, 4-20Ma, -10/+10V
    Hydraulic tank capacity 200 lt
    Minimum pump flow 40 lt/min
    Maximum pump flow 50 lt/min

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