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    Furnace Chassis Welding and Transfer Line

    Furnace Chassis Welding and Transfer Line

    The furnace chassis welding and transfer line is a production line consisting of 16 different machines, 20 cartesian, 3 hydraulic presses, more than 15000 I/O, 7 Robots, 88 servo motors, 3500 pages of electrical projects and numerous electrical components.

    Furnace chassis welding and transfer line produces 1 frame in 15 seconds by applying more than 27 processes to the stainless sheet.

    Technologies and applications used in this comprehensive project include:

    • Cartesian Transfer Applications
    • 6 Axis Robot Applications
    • MFDC Welding Applications
    • Electrical Automation Applications

    This line creates the inner frame of the ovens used in homes with the methods of joining, forming and twisting. 

    There are stations that offer image processing and multiple measurement options at many different points of the production line. In order for the product to feed the line correctly the process is controlled by the image processing method at the exit of the presses.

    This production line can produce chassis not only for one chassis model, but also for multiple models. In this process, it does not need any extra tools and equipment other than the replacement of the part feeding the line.

    Despite its short cycle time, this line is equipped with high-level security measures. There are 16 doors that allows to enter the line and these doors are equipped with the most secure systems.

    Although this line is a compact automation line, it is possible to access servo controls, hydraulic controls, pneumatic controls, instant values ​​of cooling water used in welding heads, all safety conditions, robot controls and instant measurement values ​​from 8 different human machine interface (HMI) panels positioned on the line.


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