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    Galataport Marine Project

    Galataport Marine Project

    Galataport Istanbul, as one of the most important destination projects in the world, takes its place on the Bosphorus with its 1.2 km long coastline for which an investment of 1.7 billion dollars has been made.

    This historical port, which is a source of inspiration for similar projects around the world, is Istanbul's gateway to the world from the sea. In addition, Galataport Istanbul hosts a terminal that is a pioneer in the world and is built underground with a special cover system.

    Galataport Istanbul Cruise Port hosts cruise ships visiting Istanbul as the main port and transit voyage. In this port, there is a cover system designed for the first time in the world. Based on this cover system, an underground terminal of 29 thousand m2 was put into service. When there are no ships in the port, the entire above-ground area of the area is offered to the public, thanks to a cover system that separates the customs area and the security (ISPS) area. Steel cover systems revolve 90 degrees. There are 176 sets of cover systems in total in the entire project.

    • Thanks to this cover system, the coastline of 1200 meters becomes open to the public
    • In total, 5 different cover designs were made for 8 different regions.
    • The top of the covers is covered with Precast (glass fiber reinforced cement) with a special placement. The weight of each precast is 2200 kg. If we include the precasts, there is a system weighing 1088 tons.
    • Hydraulic Rotary Actuators, which are the most important part of the system, enable the mechanical cover to be opened hydraulically. High torque output is obtained by rotating the shaft to which the piston, which is moved linearly by means of hydraulic fluid, is connected by means of inner and outer involute gear system, between certain angles.
    • A pair of rotary actuators are selected during the manufacturing process and continuous strength testing is carried out. It has been opened 3082 times 0-90 degrees.
    • There are generally 2 actuators in each cover.


    A total of 343 Hydraulic Rotary Actuators are used and all of the actuators are produced by HKTM Group.

    • 279 pieces of 26.000 Nm
    • 56 pieces of 4.700 Nm 
    • 4 pieces of 10.700 Nm 
    • 4 pieces of 18.000 Nm. 


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