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    Istanbul Halk Ekmek Project

    Istanbul Halk Ekmek Project

    The system was initially installed into the Istanbul Halk Ekmek Cevizli factory in 2016. The successful results of the project inspired the decision makers to install the same system to Halk Ekmek Cebeci factory in 2018. 

    The system in this project provides packaging and boxing without human contact. Entire design, production, programming, testing and setup of the complete system is done by HKTM. During the testing of the systems all trials were done in the HKTM factory, before getting installed into the Istanbul Halk Ekmek Cevizli and Cebeci factories. Both systems has a 35 meter long production line containing 34 complicated and simple machines where these machines work integrated with sequential movements and the production capacities of these lines are 7500 units per hour.

    • Sector

      Food and Packaging

    • Year

      2016 & 2018

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