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    Rolling Plant Piping and Flushing Project

    Rolling Plant Piping and Flushing Project

    In this project, we have realized the piping of all hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication lines of a rolling plant for the aluminum industry.

    Within the scope of the project, EMB brand fittings were used for pipes with a diameter of less than 42 mm. Additionally, pipe end forming method was used for these pipes with the pipe forming machine of our Mobile Service Center (MSC) product which brings four functions together. For pipes with a diameter over 42 mm, a total of 7000 meters of pipes were installed using the welding method.

    In the areas where the piping processes were completed, flushing operations began and carried out simultaneously with the piping. With the completion of piping operations, the flushing operations were completed. The site acceptance tests were carried out with the end user and the project is delivered accordingly. 

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